Key Industries

Wood Products

Fitzgerald is home to some of the nation’s and world’s most competitive and well know wood product industries. Relying on an abundance of natural resources and the work force to fuel the production, Fitzgerald produces everything from Southern Yellow Pine lumber, pine veneer products, fire logs (both natural and recycled), and pine shavings.

Food Processing

It all starts with our plentiful supply of clean water and Georgia Grown peanuts. Fitzgerald has a strong foundation to rely on in the production of peanut butter, peanut protein powder, oils, live saving therapeutic foods, and seltzer waters, soft drinks, and other flavored beverages.


It is possible that no other community in the world produces more high-quality carbon black thermoplastic compounds and concentrates than Fitzgerald. In fact, if you think of the plastic colored carbon black that you come into daily contact with, there is a good chance the plastic pellets it is comprised of came from Fitzgerald.

Metal Fabrication

Fitzgerald is in the epicenter of the state’s trailer manufacturing. From regional producers to some of the country’s largest manufacturers, a skilled workforce coupled with regional suppliers of steel, aluminum, and other complimentary products give us a competitive edge in metal fabrication.


Fitzgerald has and will always be one of the region’s leaders in entrepreneurship success stories. Our economic development story includes successes such as the formation of Colony Bank Corporation, the invention of the peanut inverter, the creation of one of the region’s largest video rental companies, a family owned peanut butter company, and a ready use therapeutic food that is credited with saving over 3 million lives. Each of these stories envelop the spirit of entrepreneurship in Fitzgerald and fuel our desire to add another successful venture to our community.